What would it take to switch to an EV?

blue honda fit EV

Honda Fit EV
82 mile range

Many of us commute to and from work every day in our cars, often by our self.  As more affordable production all electric vehicles (EV) enter the market, I am wondering what sort of range would you need in order to switch your commute to an EV.

Recently, a friend asked me about the new Honda Fit EV, which is currently only available for lease in a few states including Massachusetts.  The Honda Fit EV has an EPA estimated range of 82 miles. My friend commutes 55-70 miles per day, depending on which route he takes.  Would he be able to safely make it to and from work on one charge given the cold winters and hot summers in New England?  Would he be able to recharge at work or on the way home just in case?  I don’t know.

What range would it take for you to switch to an EV?

What range would it take for you to switch to EV?

How far is your daily commute?

What range would you feel comfortable enough to consider an EV?

What else factors into the decision for you?

Please leave your answers in the comments below.

Happy Greening!

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  1. My commute is 60 miles, round trip and is almost all on the highway. The weather in Cleveland, OH is similar in harshness to Mass., and presents an concern for me regarding battery efficiency and longevity -but I admit I’m not informed about the particulars.

    Fuel economy was a major deciding factor in purchasing a used Toyota Echo, which gets 41-42 Highway MPG. Purchasing used has the benefit of going with the sunk energy costs in the previously built car. But as this car ages – and Echos are no longer for sale new in America the supply of other options is dwindling as I start to think about my next car. I’m also interested in the other articles about hybrid family cars.

  2. At least 100 miles. I have to be able to get to my mom’s house, 3 counties away. 🙂

  3. The range of the current crop of EVs would do me fine. But then, I’m commuter-averse in general.

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