Why Massachusetts is NOT Voting for Mitt Romney Again

While this post is not green in nature, given Governor Mitt Romney’s stance that Global Warming is a Joke, please indulge me in getting the word out, as Massachusetts residents who lived through the Romney governorship, that Romney is going to lose Massachusetts and WHY he is going to lose it.

Mitt Romney has 0% chance of getting Massachusetts' 11 electortal votes - source FiveThirtyEight Blog

The fact that Mitt Romney has zero chance of winning in Massachusetts, the state he was the governor of and to which he points to as an example of his experience, leadership ability and success, should give anyone planning to vote for Mitt Romney pause.

I was a resident of Massachusetts during Romeny’s time as Governor and I voted for him at that time. I supported him then.  However, with the exception of his health insurance reform, what was accomplished in Massachusetts during his term was done inspite of him and not by him.

Of the 844 line-item vetos Romney used in Massachusetts, 707 were overridden by the House, several times the overrides included Republican support.  The landmark healthcare reform that Romney is so proud of, and that Obamacare is based on, would never have passed, without Senator Teddy Kennedy’s strong support.  By that point in Romney’s tenure state legislators from both parties were no longer willing to work with him because of his the way his administration had been treating them.

”This administration hasn’t been willing to work with anyone,” Christine E. Canavan, then House vice chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Health Care, said at the time. ”I just came out of a campaign where the man was trying to make sure I wasn’t here any more.”
from 2007 Abitious goals; shifting stances article in the Boston Globe

Here are two short videos of Massachusetts legislators who were in office while Romney was governor and were not able to work with him.

“Mitt Romney was not an effective governor.”

Mitt Gets Worse: Carl Sciortino

I have personally worked with Representative Carl Scortino and he is a good, hard working guy who can work with anyone.

Broken Promises: Romney’s Massachusetts Record

Here is a third that is similar to the top video which is worth watching about his failed policies in Massachusetts on jobs, taxes and the economy.

Mitt Romney says to look at his effectiveness at working across the aisle as the former Governor of Massachusetts, a very Democratic state, as an example of how he would work with the US Congress. When you actually look at how he “worked” with the state legislature it is clear that he was not a team player.  His solution to working across the aisle was 844 line-item vetoes.  For these reasons and because of Romney’s unwillingness to even try to address climate change, I will not be voting for Romney again.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Be sure to vote for President Barack Obama on Tuesday, November 6th!

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Happy Green Voting!

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  1. Romney’s not addressing climate change because there’s nothing to address! Throughout history, the earth has gone through CYCLES of warming and cooling, and it continues to do so now. (“Global warming” IS a joke – we’ve actually been getting COOLER over the last several years.)

    I am not a Romney supporter (my vote is going elsewhere), but people need to realize that not believing global warming is a legitimate crisis does NOT equal opposition to reasonable earth-stewardship measures.

    I think “global warming” is a bunch of bunk, myself, but I absolutely believe in “going green.”

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