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As a family, we are trying to eat healthier and greener. Unfortunately, short of going fully organic, that is impossible when we can’t tell what may be in or on the food we buy.  We try to make greener choices in our diet, but today we cannot tell if the food we are purchasing was made with genetically modified ingredients (often referred to as genetically modified organisms (GMO).  We are not calling for a ban on GMOs, but rather to simply let the consumer make informed choices about what they purchase to feed themselves and their kids.

You Are What You Eat Giveaway

Californians are going to the polls to vote on Prop 37, also known as the food labeling law. The Green Moms Network supports Americans right to know if their food contains genetically engineered ingredients and is committed to showcasing natural and organic eating.

So, welcome to the You Are What You Eat Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and Marlie and Me . A team of 20 + green mom bloggers are giving away prizes valued at $20 minimum related to eating healthy. You’ll find giveaways for healthful, natural or organic foods, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and more!

At this time, 16 countries require labeling of GMOs, including the European Union, Australia and Japan. While food companies may oppose the labeling, this is not a new concept and many already label their food that they send to other countries.

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In addition, the hosts are featuring 3 fabulous grand prize packages from Kombucha Kamp, Cultures for Health, Green Pasture, Real Salt, Sante Bakery, Newman’s Own Organics, Lucy’s, Learning Resources, Green Kid Crafts and Mary’s Gone Crackers! You’ll get bonus entries into the Grand Prize Giveaway for each giveaway you enter in the You Are What You Eat Hop!
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  1. I absolutely support this measure. We have the right to know what products are GMO so we can choose to avoid them.

  2. I think the labels need to tell us what we are eating. Im sure we ingest lots of things we dont know about

  3. I support it! We need to know what is in the food we are eating.
    Thank you!

  4. i do support it. i think you have the right to know even if you choose not to avoid it

  5. I fully support food labeling… I insist on feeding my family organic natural foods without added dye or chemicals.

  6. I am totally into having food labelled. If they had been forced to do this years ago, I’m sure many people-including myself-would not have put all the crap into their bodies. The industry- and the future generations- need to know what they are eating so they don’t eat crap and do irreversible harm to themselves

  7. I support it. Knowledge is power.

  8. I support it, just because letting us know what we are consuming is the right thing to do.

  9. I support it completely! We need to know what is in our food!

  10. I support it I want to know exactly what I am feeding my family wilcarvic

  11. I support it because I want to be able to choose what my family eats, and not have it done for me… We are not children to have things hidden from us as if we are not clever enough to know our own wants … too annoying. Let me make the decisions for myself. LOL..when it pertains to our bodies, the govt likes to think they know best..

  12. I support the idea, but I voted against it. I don’t like how restrictive the law is worded, and I really can’t afford for prices to increase any. I understand that companies would feel the need to pass their costs on to the consumers, but this consumer cannot afford her grocery bill to increase even a little bit. The media has been very misleading on this issue – creating new labels for packages DOES cost $$.

  13. Sherry Compton says

    I like it. I want to have information about what’s in the food I’m buying.

  14. Great posting with beautiful photo.

  15. I support the food labeling law since it is important to know what I’m eating

  16. I support the food label law. I like to know what my children and I are eating.
    Thanks so much.

  17. Ann Fantom says

    I’m for the new labeling law because the more the consumer knows, the more informed decisions they could make.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I do support the labeling–we have a right to know so we can make an informed decision.

  20. I definitely support the law. I am always looking at the labels of things before I buy them.
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  21. I do support food labeling because its our right to know what we are eating

    Sarah at

  22. I definitely support it – we have a right to know the truth!

  23. I do support the food labeling law. We have a right to make informed decisions on what we put into our bodies!

  24. Definitely support it! Thank you!

  25. would like to try their olive oil. and I have cats who would love the newman’s own cat food. and heck I but Newman’s stuff all the time.

  26. yes I support labeling. My only concern is that some labels are misleading, not all organics are created equal. But any labeling is better then none.

  27. I support it, people should know what they are consuming.

  28. I support the idea. The consumer needs to know, what the products they are using contain.

  29. I support it. I want to have information about what’s in the food I’m buying.

  30. I absolutely believe we have the right to know what they are doing to our food.

  31. everyone deserves to know exactly what is in the food so they can choose to eat only what they want to

    alterna7 at hotmail dot com

  32. I support it because we need to know what is in our food.

  33. I support it because we have the right to know as consumers what is in our food. Especially if it has been genetically modified!

  34. I support food labeling as I like to know exactly what is in the food I buy and eat. It helps me to make the best choices in the foods I buy and feel more confident that I am feeding my family the foods I know are good for them.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  35. Lori Williams says

    I support food labeling because I want to know what I am eating.

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