An Uncommonly Healthy Snack: SeaSnax Review

Have you tried seaweed as a snack?  In the past, my daughter and I have loved seaweed salad, but I find it to be a little pricey, so it’s more of a treat than something we eat regularly.  Fresh seaweed has an interesting chewy texture that I really enjoy, I must admit, I’m a texture person.

Recently I found out about seaweed snacks – believe it or not, they were free samples at Costco!  Seaweed snacks are thin sheets of roasted seaweed that you eat as a snack, as a topping on salads or rice or rolled up with rice to make rice rolls or sushi.  SeaSnax offered to send me some to try, and then to give some away to one of my readers as a giveaway!  Awesome.  Subscribe to Green Lifestyle Consulting via email to be sure to hear when we launch the giveaway!

I tried the “classic” olive flavor first.  It’s made with seaweed, olive oil and sea salt. These were good, with just a hint of salt on them.  I’d definitely recommend them for someone who wants them as an accompaniment to something, or for rolling sushi rolls where you want the seaweed to be a subtle addition, not the star of the show.  The onion flavor was also good, but I did not really notice the subtle difference between the onion and the olive flavors.

I liked the chipolte and wasabi flavors for more bite.  They are a standalone snack or a bold accompaniment to rice or another dish.  Personally, I like to have Seasnax when I’m looking for a little snack or feeling a little munchy but I don’t want all the calories.  

Seasnax stands out for me as a brand because they care about the environment.   They may ship from Korea, as opposed to being locally grown, but the dried seaweed is so light, it’s hard for me to get upset about that when I know that people are shipping water all over the world!  The company is family owned and run and they take care that all their seaweed is sustainably harvested.  It’s also certified to be non-GMO.

Interestingly, I frequently found myself craving seaweed last spring.  Then my accupuncturist tested me for iodine deficiency and found that I was somewhat deficient.  Ever since he started me on an iodine pill, I’ve stopped craving seaweed, but I still love to eat it!  Seaweed has idodine in it, as well other vitamins and minerals.

From their webpage:

Seaweed is rich in minerals and vitamins including iodine and iron, calcium and vitamins B1, B6, C and E.
Seaweed is low fat, low carb, gluten free and sugar free. Also, the iodine found in the seaweed stimulates the thyroid, increasing metabolism and therefore burning more calories. So, stock your cabinets with SeaSnax and lose the chips!

They also give 10% of their annual profits to various charities.

Hop on over to and try out some for yourself!


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  1. I LOVE seaweed as a snack! I saw some at Trader Joe’s in regular and in wasabi flavored and the wasabi one is my fave hands down. I just went into our local tea & herbothecary shop to get some henna and saw this brand there. Well, I ended up decimating the bag (the “classic” olive one) haha!

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