Another Shocker – Agreeing with FoxNews

I can’t believe
I agree with FoxNews

With my recent rant about Newt Gingrich’s $2.50/gal energy plan, I only agreed with part of his overall goals, i.e., that of American made energy, not his method or his conclusion.  Now I find myself completely agreeing with another unlikely source, FoxNews, about how to change the price of gasoline in the US.  Watch this video put together by Media Matters For America:

Here are some quotes from the various clips from 2008, seen in the video above, including from Bill O’Reilly.

 No president has the power to increase or to lower gas prices.  Those are market forces.” (1:04)

 If every American who owned an automobile or air conditioner said ‘I’m going to use 10% less, 15% less,’ the prices would then fall.” – Bill O’Reilly (2:15)

People now know and they should, politicians can’t do this.  They can do temporary fixes like gas tax holidays.” – Bill O’Reilly (2:36)

Get rid of those gas guzzlers.  Buy decent insulation for your house.  Tell your local elected officials to get on the stick and do some mass transit infrastructure spending because those kinds of fixes could really help Americans across the country.” (2:53)

We are using so much oil that it [Additional drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge], is literally a drop in the bucket. … As long as we depend on oil we will depend on foreign governments for oil.” (4:30)

The next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it is complete BS.”
“If Americans want lower gas prices, cut back. Sell those SUVs.  Ride a bike when you can.  If everyone of us bought 10% less gasoline, prices would fall fast.” – Bill O’Reilly (4:50)

FoxNews said in 2008, and I agree with them today, that only the consumers have the power to effect the price of gasoline [and energy] by controlling their consumption.  If we as a nation cut our usage of energy, the price will fall.

This is major driver to why I feel that the Pennies Per Pound CO2 Tax & Stamp Program would make a major difference and improvement in the US.  When things are more expensive, people value them more and do more to save them. Right now, when world oil prices go up, any increases from the higher price per barrel goes to the oil suppliers which include a lot of foreign countries that are not friendly to the US.  If we increase the price consumers pay with a tax, then that increased cost would fund our own government and programs to decrease our dependency on oil.

In 2011, the US spent $460 billion on imported oil. written on an oil drum
Click on the oil drum
to see the calculations

Let’s make energy more expensive while at the same time providing support for the most vulnerable people with Pennies Per Pound.   Let’s not keep sending all our money ($460 billion in 2011) overseas and out of our economy.  Instead we will unleash the full force of our market system to find the best and most cost effective mixtures of ways to move off of oil and other CO2 emitting fuels.

Happy Greening!

P.S. See Media Matters For America where Fox News stands on these issues now.

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