Camping With Friends

We love to camp.  We’ve been camping every Memorial Day weekend with the same group of friends since long before we were married. Conveniently, some of our very good friends have children similar in age to ours, which has made continuing to have family outings together easy. Many of these outings have inspired camping posts from year to year.  This trip was so pleasant and wonderful that I’d like to share a few photos.


Two dads and their 5 year olds going for a hike in the woods.

While the big kids were off on a biking adventure, AJ & Jon took our 5 year-olds for a little kid adventure. Timmy was careful to take his reusable water bottle with him.

Two 5 year olds walking out onto fallen tree in a pond.

Timmy is checking the depth of the water

two kids observing a tree that has had a wide swath of bark removes all around.

Timmy and his friend seeing signs that the beavers have been busy around the pond.

roasted gummy bears

When I asked Christor if there were any foods that he made on his Cub Scout camping trip that he’d like to do on our trip, he said “roasted gummy bears.” As a parent, I do not recommend the gooey mess they become, but our friend’s son enjoyed making spider webs before eating his.

kayaking children

Our friends brought kayaks and Ellie was so capable she took Timmy out for a ride a couple of times!

kids in a kayak

Timmy loved the kayaks!

Two wild pink lady slipper orchids in the woods of the campground.

Pink lady slipper growing wild in the campground.

Timmy eating s'mores

Timmy asked me to take this picture of him eating a s’more and to share it! He loves his s’mores!

frog head

Our kids got pretty good at spotting frogs in the pond

kids after swimming at the campground

Ellie and Timmy had a great time at the beach!

If you’re convinced to go camping now, check out some of our posts on getting started going camping!

Happy Greening!



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  1. My family and I always went camping for Memorial Day (my parents still do). We always stayed at a campground across the street from the beach. I grew up doing that and hope to do that with my own kiddos one day!

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