Paying For Plastic Bags

Tweet Pin It We’re visiting Washington D.C. and today at the Food Court in the Ronald Regan Building (a wonderful find by the way). I saw the following sign: I have seen a variety of efforts to ban plastic bags, but I was not aware that DC had passed this law in 2009.  I mentioned […]

Don’t forget Mothers Day

Tweet Pin It This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Mom’s love their kids and what you do far more than any stuff you can give them. Here are some tips from Alicia on 10 Last Minute Green Gifts Mom will Love. I have a few things in the works, but I can’t share them yet or […]

Less is More

Tweet Pin It A friend shared this great TED Talk from Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger, about how having less stuff leads to more happiness. As a family of five that feels crammed in our own 1,600 sqft home, the idea of living in a 420 sqft apartment is mind boggling, but would certainly be greener. […]

Do I Need This?

Tweet Pin It People are protesting a new coal terminal in the Northwest US.  The terminal is being built to export coal to China.  Why?  China needs more coal. But ask yourself, why does China need more coal? Perhaps because we keep buying things made in China. Now, there are reasons to make things in […]

Shopping Local – Hold A Craft Fair During Coffee Hour

Tweet Pin It Jon recently helped organize a small craft fair during coffee hour at church, and it was an easy way to encourage people to buy local.  Below, we give simple directions for organizing a simple craft fair.  It’s so easy, anyone can do it. Buying local is good for the environment because it […]

Jon’s Green Holiday Gift Guide – 2012

Tweet Pin It We are now entering the crazy time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  When Black Friday hits, millions of Americans will go nuts buying things as gifts.  Hopefully more shoppers will think about the joy of giving and less about buying stuff.  As you go out or online to do your holiday shopping, please […]

Disney Keeps a Tight Reign on Labor Practices

Tweet Pin It Have you noticed how you never see bad reports of Disney labor practices in the news? It turns out there is a good reason for this. They have very strict labor practices, and they enforce them. Disney has a Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and it is public and on the web. […]

Greening the Family Car – Choosing Your Top Features

Tweet Pin It Back in 2004 when we were new parents of twins, our definition of a green family car was a family vehicle that would carry all of us, including my sister-in-law and was the color green.  We purchased a 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan (middle vehicle) that would seat 7 and carry enough gear for […]

Greening the Family Car – Our Top 5 Features

Tweet Pin It Fuel Economy (MPG) For us, the reduced green house gas and other emissions are more important to us than the fuel cost savings, but they go hand in hand.  Our annual combined driving distance for both vehicles is about 15,000 – 16,000 miles thanks to things like occasionally e-bike commuting, trip chaining […]

The Lifecycle Cost of Disney Products

Tweet Pin It There are many things that go into what makes something “green”.  When deciding which of a number of items to buy, like shirts for example, someone who is trying to be eco-conscious ought to look at the entire life cycle cost of the goods involved. This can be very difficult for the […]