What’s Green For Dinner?

Tweet Pin It Fried green tomatoes andfried zucchini –our green dinner This isn’t your typical Mommy Blog, so our loyal readers probably have no idea what we usually eat for dinner. However, sometimes living green is eating green. There are many things you can do to eat green: Eat local – A lot of the carbon that […]

Solar Panel Jewelry is Made in the USA – Giveaway

Tweet Pin It Solar Panel Necklace Happy Independence Day!  This giveaway was run in 2012, but you can buy Solar Panel Jewelry directly on Etsy. Thanks for stopping by the Made in the USA Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and A Year of Jubilee Reviews through the Green Moms Network.  Each year as a […]

What is Important When Buying a New Room Air Conditioner

Tweet Pin It This is for Jen. Earlier this week was the hottest day in our area all year – by far – and it was only June.  That day I was picking my kids up from my friend’s house, and she told me that her air conditioner had decided to leap to its death […]

Go Solar For Mother’s Day

Tweet Pin It If you are still looking for something for that special mom in your life, consider Solar Panel Jewelry.  Orders placed by Tuesday will arrive in time for Mother’s Day. Alicia reminded me that after Valentine’s Day, several people wished they had known about the jewelry I make as it would have been […]

Green Features of E-readers (Giveaway Over)

Tweet Pin It Kindle Fire e-reader also plays games We’ll get to the Kindle Fire Giveaway Details shortly, but I want to take a minute or two to talk about the green features of e-readers. Over a thousand beautifully-illustrated children’s books available We do not have an e-reader, like the Kindle Fire, ourselves, but have […]

Voting Everyday – Make It Count!

Tweet Pin It Major election happen once a year or less, so please make your vote count and take environmental and social issues into account when you cast your ballot this November.  Did you also know that you vote each and everyday when you choose to buy or not buy things? With the choices you […]

Greening Black Friday

Tweet Pin It Black Friday has turned into a huge event in the United States. Retailers have even gone as far this year to start their sales on Thanksgiving Day.  You and I can turn Black Friday Green.  For starters, really consider whether you need any items before you go out to shop the sales.  […]

Review: Green Mountain Coffee – Mmmm Mmmm goood!

Tweet Pin It Fair Trade USA Certified Logo It is pretty important to us that the coffee we drink is grown in a sustainable way and that the people who grow it are paid a fair wage and have decent living conditions.  There are a number of companies that work with this and try to […]

Why Buy Recycled?

Tweet Pin It As you’re doing your back to school shopping, look for the whether the products you are buying are made from recycled materials.  Depending on who made the product and where you’re shopping, this might be a little tag on the back, big letters on the front or a symbol next to the […]

How to Find Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan & Local Chocolate Online

Tweet Pin It The name “Chocolate.com” sounds like the kind of generic aggregator website that your average person might stumble upon when doing a general search.  You might think that they sell average chocolate to make a quick buck.  This is what I thought when the site first came to my attention.  However,  I was […]