Celebrating Your Successes

Living a green life isn’t always easy.  Some things come naturally for us, like recycling, but other things take a real effort, like gardening.  Today we are celebrating our successes.

young girl weeding a garden

Ellie busy weeding our garden

Ellie and I spent hours weeding the garden and front yard.  We worked on it in fits and starts, but we got a tremendous amount of weeding done.

I watered our humongous Hubbard squash plant.

Hubbard Squash growing under our solar awning

Hubbard Squash

We finally took samples to get our soil tested.  We’re concerned about lead and other heavy metals.  Also, our local state school will give us information about amending our soil to grow different plants.

soil samples drying

Alicia drying out the soil samples before sending in for testing.

Jon set up the tent to dry off after last night’s Cub Scout overnight and we got it taken back down before the rain moved in.

I got the boys to eat fruit before their iceies.

Jon cleaned up the tools from Ellie’s new room after finishing building her new loft.

We discussed green mattress options for the children and emailed questions about fire retardants and VOCs to several companies.

We decided it is time to let go of our futon to make more room in the living room, we cleaned it off and posted it for sale.

Even though it hit 80 degrees today, we kept the house cool with window fans and air filters.  (If you’re running air filters anyhow, consider positioning them to help circulate the air in your house.)

Jon cast a pair of sterling silver cufflinks that were ordered.

I drank only tea, not coffee, and my guts felt much healthier today.

Christor found a young bird trapped in a bin outside and we helped her get out.

small bird in blue bin with whiffle ballWe tried a new (to us) remedy for bee stings – crushed basil leaves.

Alicia cooked up a spaghetti topping with fresh eggplant from the neighbors, zucchini from our garden and onions & yellow squash from our Boston Organics delivery.

We didn’t do anything truly spectacular, innovative or different, but we did manage to spend a quiet (except for the TV), calm, deliberate, green day that we can feel accomplished about.

Happy Greening,


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