Children’s Earth Day Pledges

While Earth Day may strike people as a new idea, it has been celebrated on April 22nd  since 1970.

This year we decided to ask our children about what they would do for Earth Day.

We started by asking “Do you know what Earth Day is?”

timmys-kitOur 4 year-old responded:

“It’s the day where you celebrate the Earth. And some kids get to go to the toy store. Can I go to the toy store?”
Me: “Not tomorrow”

I asked him: “What is your Earth Day Pledge?”

He replied: “It would be me giving Carey a nerf gun.”  

Me: Where would you get the nerf gun?
“I would make it from things I find in the recycle bin.” 

Our 9 year-old son said:

“I will spend an hour in my bedroom reading a book instead of watching the TV”

 Our 9 year-old daughter said:right-sized-recycling-bins

“I will take the compost and the recycling out”

What will you do to honor the earth this Earth Day?

Happy Greening,

Alicia and Jon

This post was inspired by the RedEnvelope #redgoesgreen project. We were not compensated for this post.

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  1. I love this!! I love hearing kids take on things at different ages.

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