Don’t Forget Earth Hour Tonight at 8:30pm local time

Earth Hour 60 logo for 2010

Join in the world wide movement to show support for our planet, Earth Hour.  Tonight, beginning at 8:30pm your time, turn out the lights for 60 minutes.  Instead of candles, I recommend having rechargeable lanterns and LED flashlights on hand.  I have our solar powered rechargeable lantern charged and ready to go.  In addition to turning out the lights, we will be shutting down the few devices we leave on all the time, including the DVR and baby monitors.  We will be keeping the network plugged in and running so that the TED5000 can continue to report data through Google Power Meter.  I also hope to capture some screen shots to show the difference we’re making.  If you are going to participate, go ahead and sign up at

In the meantime, check out the official Earth Hour 2010 video:

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Happy Greening and Turn Out the Lights Tonight!

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