Earth Hour 2011 Coming Up Fast!

This Saturday, March 26th from 8:30 to 9:30 PM is Earth Hour. Join us in turning off your lights.

Individuals, business, organizations and municipalities are turning off their lights around the world to show support for environmentally sustainable action.

Landmarks around the world will be turning off their lights this year, including:

• The world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa, Dubai
• The Empire State Building, New York
• Times Square, New York
• Christ the Redeemer statue, Brazil
• National Monument, Indonesia
• London Eye
• Eiffel Tower, Paris
• India Gate, Delhi
• The Alhambra, Spain
• National Mausoleum, Pakistan
• Boudhanath Stupa, Nepal
• Table Mountain, South Africa
• Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
• The Obelisk, Argentina
• Milad Tower, Tehran

Lights are turned off at 8:30 PM local time, so the event rolls around the world the same way New Years Eve does.

Earth Hour is the world’s largest global climate change initiative. In 2010, over 50 million people in 128 countries and territories around the world participated. This year a record 131 countries and territories are registered to participate.

Last year we tried to shut off everything we could, and even unplugged our laptops to see how low we could get our electric usage during that hour. This year we have reached out to our church and our city to encourage participation and raise awareness among people that might not otherwise be aware of Earth Hour.

Buildings and municipalities are asked to show support by turning of interior lights and any exterior, decorative or architectural lights.

Join us in turning off your lights and sign up with the Earth Hour website to show your support for sustainable action:

What will you do for Earth Hour? Leave a comment below with your action!

Happy Greening

Here’s what we did last year – Reflections on Earth Hour [2010]

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  1. Why is Earth Hour not promoted in the Philippines? The government is not even promoting it. How bad.

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