Evils of Cut Flowers Revisited for Mothers Day

Picture of a red rose with a green NO sign in front by Jonathan Hunt

We’ve written about the environmental evils of cut flowers before around Valentines Day in our post Roses are Red, Not Green – Give Chocolate Instead. I am horrified by all the radio and TV ads for giving Mom flowers this Mothers Day.  Even my 5 y.o. twins came to me begging to buy mommy flowers for Mothers Day because they has seen a commercial during one of their TV shows.

Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and am not opposed to cut flowers under two conditions, they are sourced locally and grown in a sustainable manner.  Fortunately, now that it is spring time, getting local flowers is much easier than in the middle of winter for Valentines Day.  Before purchasing flowers from your local florist, ask them where they get their flowers and if they can’t tell you or it is from outside the country, say thank you and take your money elsewhere.  If enough people start voting with their dollars, then the florists will start to pay attention and do the right thing.

Do NOT under any circumstances forget to do something for the mothers in your life on Mothers Day, but remember they would most likely prefer something done for them rather than bought for them.  In our house, gifts that the kids make are treasured over what can be acquired at a store.  If you must buy something for your mothers, consider a potted plant that will go on being beautiful for years to come, not just a week or two.  For other sweet gift ideas, see Roses are Red, Not Green – Give Chocolate Instead.

Happy Greening & Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!

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  1. I really like your blog. I am always looking for new ways to be “greener” in my every day lifestyle. I stumbled upon your blog through “moms bloggers club”. I will continue to check back for new posts and updates!

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