Green Thumbs Up for Joe’s American Bar & Grill

Last weekend we took our family out to dinner at Joe’s American Bar & Grill to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  The food and service were excellent, even with two rambunctious 5 years olds.  At the end of the meal, we had a leftovers and asked to take them home.  Of course getting the 5 of us out of the house to dinner was enough of a challenge that we did not bring our own containers for leftovers as some of our friends do.  To our surprise, instead of the standard styrofoam boxes the leftovers came back in 2 heavy duty paper containers (fully biodegradable or compostable) and two reusable and recyclable plastic containers.  I had never seen these paper containers before and was quite pleased by them.  The plastic bag they came out in was also environmentally aware.

The next time you are getting your favorite food to go and the restaurant doesn’t use a green container, ask them about it.  If enough of their customers suggest a change, good places will adapt.  Like me they might not even know these containers are available.

I am giving Joe’s American Bar & Grill a green thumbs up for their environmentally friendly leftovers containers.

Happy Greening!

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