Growing, Growing, Growing Potatoes in a Garbage Can

Wordless Wednesday

Our regular readers are aware that this year we started growing potatoes in a garbage can.  They’ve grown very fast, so here is a picture walk through the process:

We started with these:

We let them cure overnight on the windowsill:

And planted them in a can:

About three weeks later we had sprouts: May 7, 2012

Four days later they were clearly plants: May 11, 2012

Another week: May 17, 2012

We started adding dirt, and they kept growing:  5/25/2012

Before adding more dirt
After adding more dirt

3 days later: 5/28/2012

About 6 weeks after we planted them, they were topping the garbage can: 6/1/2012

Child watering potatoes growing in a trash can

4 days later: 6/5/2012

potatoe greens growing in a trash can

Now, on June 13th, they appear to have flower buds.  Once it stops raining we’ll post some pictures, so check back!

Update June 18, 2012:   beautiful pototato blossoms!

potatoes blossoms on trash can potatoes
Trash can potatoes with blossoms
potato blossoms
Potato blossoms often indicate that new potatoes are ready
to harvest, but I didn’t find any.

Happy Greening!
Alicia & Jon

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  1. I like the idea of this trash can. This is cool! I might bring this on in one of our meetings. Our local government is planning to hold an annual planting day. This is going to be something worthwhile.

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