Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We are wishing you and yours a joyous, happy and healthy Easter.

plate of colorful natural dyed eggs

All naturally dyed Easter Eggs!

There are many great reasons to dye your eggs naturally:
–  If you avoid artifical food colorings normally, why go out of your way to put it on your food for a holiday?

– While dying eggs naturally you won’t absorb the artificial colors through your hands.

– Save money by using things you already have in your house and rather than buying a special kit with chemicals, plastic parts and extra things.

– There is a lot of educational value in experimenting with different foods, lengths of time and methods of preparation.

brown dyed eggs

Also naturally dyed, but started with brown eggs.

This year we attempted dying brown eggs as well, but found that they didn’t take the colors very well. In our case, they were pretty much a bust. We let the dyes sit overnight and used them the next day to dye the beautiful white eggs above. I guess sometimes color does count!

Happy Greening,
Alicia & Jon

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