Review EPIC Grass-Fed Protein Bar

Ellie and I are attending a conference this weekend – Biodiversity for a Livable Climate. We’re learning a lot about using healthy ecosystems to capture carbon and reverse climate change.

2014-11-22 09.12.14

Seth Itzkan presenting his Paradigm Fence in South Africa

One of the techniques several of the speakers have been discussing is the use of intelligent grazing of cattle to restore ecosystems.  They have shown examples from all over the world of how this is working today. I realize that while we’ve been trying to eat less meat and particularly less beef, in order to reduce our impact on the planet, there does need to be a market for sustainably raised grass fed beef in order to support this technique of reversing climate change. 

For break during the conference, we’ve tried some great samples of Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable products.  Ellie and I just tried two different kinds of EPIC protein bars. I love that they are 100% grass-fed, but even more than that, they are made from cattle & bison raised using the intelligent grazing techniques in Texas that we are learning about. The herds are managed such that they naturally fertilize and aerate the ground they graze on.  There are no artificial fertilizers, no antibiotics, and no feed lots. 

photo 2The bars are designed like beef jerky, but are very tender, not chewy. We both really liked the Bison Bacon-Cranberry bar.  The Beef Habanero-Cherry bar was too spicy for Ellie, but I didn’t mind the bite.  EPIC sells the boxes online for $34 for 12 bars, which isn’t bad for a protein bar. A little searching shows me that Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe are two national chains that carry them and they seem to be in health food stores all over the country.2014-11-22 10.58.30

If you’re looking for a protein bar you can feel good about eating, try these!

Happy Greening,

Alicia & Ellie


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