Roundup: First Earth Day Newscast, EWG’s Cleaners Database and More!

Throughout the week we share a number of “green” stories and articles on the Green Lifestyle Consulting’s Facebook Timeline and through our twitter account @grnlifestyle. Here are a few stories that particularly caught our attention this week.

Earth Day: First Earth Day: April 22, 1970 (VIDEO) – A look at different demonstrations and celebrations of the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, from around the country.
At the end of the report the speaker mentions that the Mayor of NYC kept appointments using an electric car and “a government scientist, J. Murray Mitchell said that “pollution, and over pollution, unless checked, could warm the earth in 200 years, in so as creating a green house effect melting the arctic ice cap and flooding vast areas of the world.”

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Build a Micro-Hydropower Generator from CDs and Repurposed Printer Parts Think you need to be an engineer and spend a bundle to create a mini-hydropower generator? Think again.
Looks like a really fun recycling & renewable energy project. I think we’re going to have to try this soon in our home.

Enter the ‘My Sustainable Life’ Video Contest | Citizens for Global Solutions – We’re a member-driven movement that empowers people to be engaged global citizens. Do you care about ending war and supporting global justice? Join us!?
My Sustainable Life video contest. Tell us if you enter!

On Facebook, we asked:

Quick question: Under what conditions will you dry your laundry outside?

Answers included:

Marianna: Dry?;-). I air dry most of my clothes in the basement all year round, anyway.
Kyria:  When it’s not raining.
Nancy: We moved to AZ this past fall, it’s pretty much sun shine all day. My husband put up a clothes line about 2 months ago and we have been using it ever since. For sheets and towels, I put them in the dryer for 30 min, then stick them on the line. We have saved a lot of $ by doing this!
Elaine: As green as I want to be….between time & personal family issues….as well as my dislike of bird poop….um, no. I think armageddon would be my condition.
Valerie: I air dry lots indoors, but cloth diapers (now) on sunny days (most are sunny) because of the effective removal of poo stains by sunlight.
Bernadette: its the only way I dry my laundry! I live in Australia tho – and we have the hills hoist clothesline. We (personally) do not own a dryer and if we have rainy weather for more than a day or two I will hang it under cover – but usually – its outside in the fresh sunshine and breeze.

We asked:

If my son is going to subsist on deli meat, I’d better find some without all those additives and nitrates!

You answered:

MariannaRoast your own turkey breast after brining the meat (Alton Brown has an excellent instruction on this), and the refrigerated meat can be easily cut into thin slices. Homemade, healthy, and certainly fingerlicking delicious.
Chelsea: Hormel natural choice $3 for 8oz.
Amy: If you need a recipe for roast beef I can give you one that is perfect for making deli sliced roast beef. I also suggest a meat slicer to make you life much easier.
Amy: I think this is the link to the recipe, you just need to sign up for the free trial to view it:
But basically you just get a bottom round or beef eye round roast, marinade it with garlic and salt, or a rub and wrap it in plastic wrap overbite. (I skipped that step and it still came out great) to cook just sear all sides, then put it on a wire rack and roast fat side up at 225 until the center reaches 115 degrees, about an hour and 1/2. Then shut off the oven until it reaches 130 (another 30 mins or so). Make sure you let it rest for 30 mins when you take it out. Then just slice it thin… Yum!Carole: in a pinch you can also get some boar’s head stuff… i forget which ones are nitrate free…

Build a Self Watering Container (VIDEO)-  Have you made a self-watering planter before? I really like this DIY version made from 2 5 gallon buckets from SurviveLA. Fun video too.

EWG’s Cleaners Database  The full database is coming this summer but in the meantime, you have to check out this list of dangerous, harmful and hazardous cleaners. We all knew cleaners were dangerous, but really, do you want these in your house? They also suggest some of the tricks I’ve learned about or blogged about recently, like vinegar for fabric softener and baking soda to clean the oven.

Taking an innovative approach to battery design – MIT News Office   Donald Sadoway’s radical rethinking of electricity storage could revitalize renewable-power technologies.  This will be big! And I don’t just mean the factory sized liquid metal batteries. The ability to store renewable energy for dispatchable baseload power is a game changer.

Donald Sadoway
Photo: M. Scott Brauer

Professor Sadoway was one of my (Jon’s) first professors at MIT when I took Introduction to Solid State Chemistry 3.091 my 1st semester. It also happened to be Professory Sadoway’s first time I’ve attended several lectures by Professor Sadoway over the past few years at which he discussed the research on liquid metal batteries he’s doing and think it is a game changer for the grid and renewable energy.

A Day in the Life of Your Garbage and Recyclabes (VIDEO) – A 7 1/2 minute video about how garbage and recyclables move through the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer Station (aka the SMaRT Station) in Sunnyvale…  We posted a different Waste Management video the other week.  When Alicia was teaching Brownies about recycling, this video popped up on YouTube and the Brownies really enjoyed it

New study links air pollution and early death in the U.K. – MIT News Office  Researchers find car exhaust causes more premature deaths than car accidents. 13,000 more reasons to get away dirty fossil fuels for transportation on other energy uses.

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