Our area has had over 60″ of snow in the past 17 days.  That may not sound like a lot for some people, but on average we get 44″ of snow a year and it has been so cold here that it has not been melting between the storms. 

This morning Ellie took my phone and took pictures of the beautiful crystalline structures on her bedroom window.

2015-02-09 09.27.23

2015-02-09 09.27.19


2015-02-09 09.27.15



snowflake in front of gingerbread house

Ellie liked how our neighbors house looks like a gingerbread house in the background of this photo


2015-02-09 09.26.55


2015-02-09 09.27.30


Huge pine tree with snow

Ellie calls this one “Christmas Tree”


Snow where the front door was.

And one from Jon – when he opened the front door this morning the snow against it made a beautiful pattern.

This much snow is hard on a lot of people, but we need to be happy that our problem here is too much snow, and not a lack of water. Other parts of the United States are going to have a serious problem this year because of the multi-year droughts they have been having.

Happy Greening,
Alicia & Ellie

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