Amazon’s Special on Diapers, Wipes and Formula for April

As we’ve mentioned before, we are big fans of cloth diapers. Pretty much all brands of cloth diapers have been developed by moms who work out of their own homes, including the brands we recommend below.  We typically recommend that you purchase them from their sites, or sites developed by other work at home moms, […]

To Cloth Diaper or Not To Cloth Diaper?

We had a tough time deciding whether or not we would use cloth diapers. We thought they’d be expensive, that the laundry would be too much, that they’d smell or that I’d be grossed out by them, but through the debates, we kept coming back to the fact that they are just much better for […]

Love My Fleece Nursing Pads

New babies traditionally bring a lot of disposable things with them, and the first thing that comes to mind tends to be disposable diapers. I’m currently doing a trial of different cloth diapers, and I’ll definitely do a post or two on what I’ve found. However, many women also find nursing pads to be very […]