Green Ways to Stay Cool in a Heat Wave

We’ve been posting a little less often than we’d like. With the kids home from school for the summer we have less time for things like writing blog posts. The past few days of much hotter than usual weather for our area has made us think about some tips for staying cool while still being […]

Learning Wrong Lessons from Nuclear Disaster in Japan

Smoke rises from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex in this still image from video footage March 14, 2011. Photograph: Reuters Tv/Reuters I fear that as a world, and particularly in this country, we are taking away the wrong lessons from the nuclear disasters happening in Japan as a result of the 5th worst earthquake in […]

Tip: Open the Curtains in the Winter

One thing I get asked about a lot is windows.  There are a lot of misconceptions about windows and energy savings, mostly thanks to companies that are interested in selling their products.  Here’s an easy thing to do and to see results from: if you have a window that the sun shines directly through in […]

Useful Site –

Considering a new or used car purchase?  Do you know that fuel economy is a major component of overall cost of car ownership? The US Department of Energy and the EPA have a great site that helps you compare various model used and new cars for fuel economy.  I am really excited to find […]

Would you buy Clean Energy Victory Bonds?

Green America is trying to push Congress to act and support Clean Energy investment in the US.  One idea that they are floating is making Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVBs) to help finance the rapid development of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency upgrades.  What do you think of the idea? I signed up to […]

When Does One Hybrid Equal Five Hybrids?

Image: Boston Cab claims greenest Bostontaxi service is moving to all hybrid fleet Today I needed to get across Boston fairly quickly for work, so I grabbed a cab.  I was really happy to get into one of the newer Toyota Camry Hybrid cabs that I’ve been seeing in Boston and other cities around the […]

Going For Solar – Efficiency First (Step 2)

Before investing in a renewable energy system like solar panels, be sure to tackle efficiency improvement projects first.  You will get a quicker return on your investment and the amount of energy you need to generate through your renewable energy projects will be reduced.  There is an exception to this rule if you live into […]

Good for the Environment and Your Budget: Buying in Bulk

My mom likes to tell me that my pantry is so full I should stop shopping for the next year and just eat what we have. However, we do rotate through our bulk food, I volunteer with Red Cross Disaster Services so I feel like I should be prepared, and I know that buying in […]

Insulating Our House Really Worked!

This fall we finally insulated our walls and increased the insulation in our attic.  We had blown in cellulose put in.   It rocks.   Today the high was 25°F outside plus a wind chill in the single digits. Our upstairs thermostat was set to 55°F during the day and it never fell below 62°F […]

Just One Thing: Programmable Thermostats

Several of my busy friends have asked me if there is just one thing they should definitely do, what is it?   To save money and use less fuel, get an Energy Star programmable thermostat and program it.   The energy auditors I work with tell me that reducing your house temperature by 1 degree […]