How Green is a Disney Vacation?

As someone trying to live a green life, you probably don’t want to give up your values completely when you go on vacation.”Eco-travel” is a growing niche market. For example, the Sierra Club has eco-travel options and our friends went to an eco-tourist location in Nicaragua where they used composting toilets and fans instead of […]

Reaching for Net-Zero

With all the sunny days in April, we reached a milestone with our Solar PV Awning.  We moved being net-consumers of electricity to being net-producers for the year (first four months). Chart generated by SunWatch Meter from SunBug Solar LLC In April our solar awning produced a whopping 733 kWh of electricity, only July 2011 […]

Living Green Can Be Easy – Appreciating the Natural World

Our kids named this “Y Log” Often we think living greener means spending more money, making a sacrifice or making an extra effort.   But living green doesn’t have to be hard.  Some things that are good for our health, good for the environment and good for our state of mind are easy too.   Today, I […]

Green Super Bowl Huddle: A Roundup of Green Super Bowl Information and Ideas

I am so excited the Patriots are in Super Bowl XLVI.  I am also very excited to see all of the green things being done by the NFL and football fans around the country.  I hope this is a sign of a shift into action for the American people.  In order to share all of […]

Green & Local Holiday Gift Guide

Guest Post by Cameron Bruns The holidays may be just around the corner, but shopping doesn’t need to be burdensome or stressful. Skip the mall and choose to give locally produced goods or give  activities as gifts rather than material items. There are many affordable and eco-friendly ways to show your family how much you […]

Giveaway: Solar Panel Necklace

Enter to Win this Solar Panel Necklace – $25 We are giving away this handmade Solar Panel Necklace to one lucky reader.  Jonathan hand crafts these unique eco-awareness pieces of jewelry from solar photovoltaic (PV) cells.  He originally invented solar panel jewelry for Alicia as renewable energy themed accessories she could wear in a professional […]

Greening My Commute Electric Bike Style

Jonathan with his newly converted e-bike As a parent of three active young kids, a blogger, leader at our church, tinkerer, volunteer and being employed full time, my life is too packed to add new things without dropping something else. However, getting more exercise is something I’ve needed to do for some time (I know […]

Review: My Experiences With the Plug-in Prius

My kids sitting in the back of the Toyota Plug-in Prius On September 16, 2011, Toyota officially unveiled the Plug-in Prius, pricing, options and its availability.  This is particularly exciting to me, because we have been using one of the early prototypes from Toyota’s test fleet at work.  I have had the opportunity to drive […]

Extra Hurricane Tips for "Greenies"

As I was working through the list of things that the government recommends you do before a large storm, a few extra things occurred to me that I thought I should share with my fellow “greenies“. Take Out Window FansWe have several wonderful window fans that help circulate air through our house. They’re convenient […]

Green Your Vacation – Go Camping!

An active campfire should always have an adult in attendance. We have always enjoyed camping,  long before being green was so important to us, we went on an annual camping trip with friends.  In fact, some of my oldest friends date back to high school when I belonged to an Explorer Post that went camping […]