And the Winner of the Kill-A-Watt is Becky S.

Congratulations to Becky S. who won the a Kill-A-Watt electricity meter and we’re throwing in a short extension cord which we’ve found makes using the Kill A Watt much easier. We asked and you answered.  The top three responses for which appliance in your home used the most electricity were: Number 3 with 7 votes […]

Great Video on Home Energy Monitors by Ask This Old House

We are big fans on monitoring electricity consumption so that you can manage and reduce it. This Old House has a great video showing the range of products for monitoring and managing electricity consumption in the house. We have and are big fans of the Kill-A-Watt, Watts?Up Pro and TED 5000 shown in the video. […]

What Impact Does 1 Watt Have?

One watt (1W) is not a lot of power.  It can’t charge your cell phone or even an LED night light.  So why should you care about eliminating vampire loads of one or a few watts?  The answer is that every little bit helps and that 1W on all day everyday does add up to […]

First Days with our TED-5000 Home Energy Monitor

Understanding your home energy usage is an important step to to reducing it.  You can get a good first start by just looking at your energy bills and thinking about why there are peaks and valleys and how this year compares to last.   To go beyond looking at your bills and save even more, you need […]

Shades of Green from Consumer Electronics Show 2010

In flipping through the Endgadget coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 in Las Vegas this week, I noticed a few green products that are worth mentioning.  There are way too many ebook readers and LED & OLED based HDTVs so I won’t even begin to discuss those, but here are some more interesting […]

Building your Energy Savings Toolbox – Kill-a-Watt meter

We can all reduce how much electricity we use around our homes and offices.  Everything in our lives plugs in these days, whether it is our cell phone chargers, or cable boxes or computers, they all use electricity.  The important questions about each appliance/device are: How much does it use when you are using it? […]