Production Wind Credit Renewed!

Lovers of wind turbines everywhere rejoice!  The Production Wind Credit was renewed for 2013 as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. This means that turbines completed in 2013 will receive the same tax break of 2.2 cents for every kWh produced. Forbes has a succinct article where you can read more. Unfortunately, those of us who work […]

Why Renewable Energy & Elizabeth Warren are Right for Massachusetts

In 2010, Massachusetts spent $17.7 billion on fossil fuels (petroleum, coal and natural gas) to meet the energy needs for our state.  Since the Commonwealth has zero fossil fuel resources, all of that money left our state’s economy either going to other parts of the country or foreign economies.  To see how much left the […]

Reaching for Net-Zero

With all the sunny days in April, we reached a milestone with our Solar PV Awning.  We moved being net-consumers of electricity to being net-producers for the year (first four months). Chart generated by SunWatch Meter from SunBug Solar LLC In April our solar awning produced a whopping 733 kWh of electricity, only July 2011 […]

Elizabeth Warren on the Importance of Renewable Energy

Elizabeth Warren inspires me and gives me hope, each time I hear her speak.  This time Elizabeth Warren spoke passionately about the importance of caring for the environment and the development of renewable energy at an Earth Day event on Sunday. It was my second opportunity to hear her speak at a small event and it reinforced […]

Going for Solar Another Way – Solar Leasing

While we purchased our solar installation outright, there are other effective ways to get solar on your home.  Here is a guest post by our friend and fellow solar enthusiast Bob Paine. Achieving green energy, one homeowner at a time by Bob Paine Bob Paine’s Leased Solar Arrayin Medford, MA I have long been interested […]

Solar Thermal Around Boston

Today I spent the day at one of the full day workshops kicking off NESEA’s (North East Sustainable Energy Association) Building Energy 12 Conference.   I went to Solar Thermal Best Practices and Performance Data organized by the Mass Clean Energy Center because I am looking into solar thermal options for my community.   It was a […]

Photo Montage from Renewable Sales – A Solar Mecca!

On Thursday, I attended “Understanding Risks and Rewards: A Conversation on Community Solar” organized by the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) as a pre-event to their Building Energy 12 Conference in Boston next month. The session was organized by The Cadmus Group and my co-worker was one of the speakers.   Renewable Sales hosted this […]

Going for Solar – The First Year

Happy New Year! View from under our Solar PV Awning In our first full year with our solar awning, we generated 5,816 kWh of solar energy, which is 16% more than we expected.  I’m not sure if that is a normal fluctuation in the amount of sunny days we had this year or a trend […]

Typical Household Energy Use and Related Emissions

Have you ever wondered what the energy use of a typical household is? I came across this EPA resource while doing research for a campaign/petition I hope to start shortly and found it very useful and worth sharing. Check out the EPA’s Household Emissions Calculator Assumptions and References to find out typical household electricity, natural […]

Going for Solar – Becoming a Net Generator

Our March 2011 Electric Bill – No Payment Due That didn’t take long, it took longer to write and publish this post. As soon as the days started getting longer our solar awning started generating more and more electricity.  So much so that when we got our March electric bill (2/17-3/22) we were shocked that […]