The Cloth Diapering Accessory Every Parent Should Have

As we enter this holiday shopping system I have been trying to focus on gifts and purchases that are either consumables or things we really need. Last year I even wrote a Green Gift Guide that focuses on those sorts of items. We’re also traveling a lot and I’m trying to pack lighter. However, I keep coming back to one cloth diapering accessory that I just can’t live without – my diaper sprayer.

While your child is breastfed the diapers aren’t bad, you can just toss them in your holding bag to wait for washing. However, once your child starts eating solid foods, the solids really need to be cleaned off the diapers before they go in your holding bag. When I talk to mothers from previous generations they talk about “dunk and swish” and sometimes even flushing the toilet to get the solids off. In some situations it can even get more gross and icky. This is when the diaper sprayer comes in really handy.  It is also great for cleaning older kids underwear and pants when dealing with Encopresis (soiled pants).

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

When we had our first consultation with the Diaper Lab, Laura recommended a diaper sprayer as a very useful, but relatively speaking, pricey item that we should consider. They even had one attached to the toilet in their restroom that we could check out. At the time we decided to pass, but once Timmy started eating solids we promptly ordered one online.

The sprayer connects to the back of your toilet and there’s a holder to hang it off the side of your tank; it’s very easy to attach. Then it behaves similarly to a modern low-flow showerhead, in that it uses air to increase the force of the spray. I hold my diaper low over the bowl, take aim and spray. Voila, the solids are rinsed off into my toilet and with any luck, my hands don’t even get wet.

I change my mind about whether or not to take the liner out of the diaper before spraying. Because I have a front loader, my diapers wash better if the load is heavier when I put it in, therefore arguing that soaking wet liners are better. However, they drip less and they are usually easier to take out of the pocket if I take them out before spraying. Which is better? I leave it to personal preference and the situation at the time.

I always lift the seat before spraying and afterward I like to take some toilet paper and wipe down the edges of the bowl before lowering the seat.

Right now I’m traveling for the holidays and I really miss my sprayer.  Thankfully my husband is willing to employ the “dunk and swish” method.  Next time I’m away from home for more than three or four days I just may take my diaper sprayer with me. If you have a cloth diapering mom on your holiday gift list who doesn’t have one of these, consider a diaper sprayer as a very practical gift she’ll love!

Happy Greening!

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  1. The diaper sprayer was one of the best things we bought for cloth diapering. I love it!

  2. I totally agree!!!

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