The Solution to Climate Change is…

What’s the problem?

Climate Change is caused by man made CO2 emissions

Who can solve the climate change problem?

The consumers (you and me) by the choices we make everyday

How Can We Solve Climate Change?

With Pennies Per Pound

How can paying a few pennies per pound of CO2 emissions make a difference?

Everything we do in our daily lives consumes energy.  As a planet and a nation we are using more and more energy each year.  The vast majority of the energy we consume, either directly from turning on a light or embodied in the products we buy (consume) like that reusable water bottle comes from burning fossil fuels.

In the US 83% of the 98 Quadrillion BTUs of energy we consumed directly came from carbon emitting fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum).  The remaining 17% was split between renewable sources (hyrdo-electric, solar, wind, etc.) and nuclear power.  The US’s energy related emissions for 2011 were 526 million metric tons of CO2.  The global concentration of Atmospheric CO2 as of February 2012 is 393 parts per million (ppm)97% of climate scientists believe that man made CO2 emissions are causing climate change and many believe that we need to get that back down to 350 ppm in order to avoid worst effects of climate change.

World wide energy use is expected to grow dramatically over the coming years and with it world wide CO2 emissions.

So, think about the things you consume, like food, energy, and stuff. Consider what choices you can make that have a lower impact on the world and go read about Pennies Per Pound and show your support by signing the petition to your representatives.

Happy Greening!

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  1. Signed the petition to my state representatives. It is very true that the climate relates to how we spend our money, what we choose to buy and the lifestyle we lead. My husband and I support companies that offset our carbon footprint and we would love to see more being done to preserve our earth!

  2. Great information! I’m fascinated with our energy consumption, and didn’t know some of these statistics/facts.

  3. When the gas prices go up, I find myself rejoicing. I know it will make a lot of things harder, and more expensive. But we’ll all learn to live a bit more sustainably. I wonder if that’s what it will take to break us all of the gas habit?!

  4. Thanks for putting this info together. I am off to sign the petition!

  5. I wish more people realized that WE are the ones agreeing to live this lifestyle when we don’t take action. Signed!!

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