Top 10 Reasons I Love My Local Farmers Market

I love going to my local farmers market.  I used to think that going to a farmers market was an opportunity to get inexpensive food.  I’ve since learned that that’s not why you go to a farmer’s market.

The top 10 reasons why I love my local farmer’s market:

toddler hugging loaf of french bread
Timmy loves his bread!

10. Fresh picked fruits and veggies
9. Supporting local farmers
8. Great local entertainment
7. My children beg me to go
6. Wine tasting
5. Local non-profits share information, last year I learned about our local Boys & Girls Club
4. We always run into friends and neighbors
3. My daughter found a delicious beef stew last week
2. My son begs me to buy him fresh baked bread
1. My picky-eater son begs me to buy him kale and he eats it!

Do you have a farmers market near you?  Why do you love it?

Happy Greening!

farmers market vendors selling breads and vegetables
Vendor’s selling the boys’ favorites: bread & kale
Farmer's market table
My friend approaching the market manager’s table

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  1. I love the prices that are usually way lower than the grocery stores!


  2. I love the atmosphere too! I can’t wait for thursday!

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