Using A Stainless Steel Lunch Box

To-Go Ware Snack Stack asked us to review a lunch box for them.   We chose a To-Go Ware Snack Stack Stainless Steel Food Carrier  to review.  We are trying to move away from using plastic for storing our food and have found some glass containers we really like.  However, taking glass containers for my lunch, especially when I bike to work, leaves me with some concerns around breakage.

I tried out the lunch box for a variety of lunches I took to work, including a few trips on my bike and have found the construction to be solid and functional.  The size is right for me to have a satisfying lunch, but not so big as to be too much to carry even in my bicycle bag.

2 sections and lid for To-Go Ware Snack Stack

The two chambers are great for keeping things separate. I’ve used it for keeping a fresh salad separate from my main dish as well as for keeping rice or pasta separate from the sauce until I was ready to eat.  I’ve also used one section for chips and the other for salsa or dip.

The construction is solid, and the latches work reliably and easily.  I’ve had no concerns about it coming apart in my bag.  I am not convinced that it wouldn’t leak soup if it tipped over as it has no rubber or silicone seals, though I have taken a thick stew in it without problems.

The one problem I have noted is that the bottom section has no separate lid, which means that the bottom of the top section is inside and in contact with the food.  If you have a sauce in the bottom section, which would make sense as you generally want the heavier parts on bottom, then when you put the top section down on the table you end up with a little mess.  Also, if you do not eat everything in the bottom section in one sitting, you may need to wash off the top before putting it back on the bottom to seal it up.

One downside of metal containers, which isn’t a problem for me as I keep a ceramic plate at work, is that you cannot microwave your meal in the container.

The all stainless steel construction is light and sturdy.  I love being able to put it through the dishwasher without concerns.  In our busy household, if it isn’t dishwasher safe it usually doesn’t last.

All in all, I have been very happy with the stainless steel lunch box and look forward to using it for lunches for years to come.

Happy Greening,

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  1. This looks great for packing a picnic on the beach this summer. We use glass for storage, but agree it’s not practical when traveling.

  2. I recently bought these lunch boxes:

    They are compact, light weight, dishwasher safe, liquid tight, and come with an insulated bag to keep your foods cool. This one has 3 separate containers, but there is a smaller one with 2 containers. So far, I’m loving it!

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    Nice work on your blog. I bought one of these based on reviews and am well pleased with it. I agree that it is ideal for bike commuting. I sometimes use a small square of parchment paper in between the top and bottom stack to provide a seal and keep wet food off the bottom of the upper container. You can rinse it off and reuse it several times. Thanks for the review.

    Regards, Jonathon in Ct.

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